24-Hour Mobile Support.

Hardband Removal

We have the only fully portable hardband removal grinder in the Rocky Mountain region. This unit is capable of removing tungsten, titanium, tool steel wires, and all other alloys.

The removal grinder allows us to remove previous hardbands with defects such as porosity, cracking, and spalling. This process also allows us to see what’s under the hardband in many cases to be able to inspect the removal area for cracks and other defects.


We work closely with Postal Industries for the latest perimeters and techniques available. We specialize in Tuffband NC, Duraband NC, and Ultraband NM.

Tuffband NC® is casing friendly and can be applied on almost all types of existing Hardband applications. When combined with Tungsten carbide pellets it creates one of the hardest and wear-resistant hardbands for open-hole drilling.

Duraband NC® is the first Hardbanding product ever developed offering maximum protection, is applied totally crack free and is 100% rebuildable. Hardbanding with Duraband NC® greatly reduces the risks of cracks propagating into the tool joint which could lead to flaking, spalling, casing wear, or even catastrophic failure.

Ultraband NM® is a hard, 100% crack free hardband designed for non-mag drill collars and related components.

Our Hardband operators are all certified by Postal Industries to Level III applicators and Level III Duraband®NC CoolBand® process.


Our cross roll straightener is fully mobile and capable of straightening tubing, casing and drill pipe from any size to any range of tubular goods.


BHA (Bottom Hole Assembly) Inspection units cover a wide range of Inspection needs; from Heavy Weight Drill Pipe, collars, subs, Rig inspections, nonferrous magnetic inspections, and weld inspections.

Our Inspectors are A.S.N.T Level II Certified in Magnetic Particle, Blacklight, and Dye penetrant.

Drill Pipe

Allen Inspection provides a full range of pipe inspection on every size of drill pipe. We follow DS-1 Category 1-5 or API guidelines. Our E.M.I. (Electromagnetic Induction) equipment are a two function unit with Hall effect sensors.

We also offer equipment for refacing of propriety connections as in XT-39 and DS-38.